About DMOPress

Hi, I’m Jason Pomerleau, author of the DMOPress suite of WordPress tools for destination marketing organizations.

After building my third tourism-oriented website in as many years as a freelance WordPress developer, and checking in on a number of others, I realized that many DMOs and tourism bureaus continually reinvent online content management for Places. Time and money was spent on every website project to customize WordPress (or another CMS) to suit the needs of organizations that promote Places.

Worse, many website refresh projects end up with significant data migration expenses because Place data is inextricably linked to the website’s design (or ‘theme’ in WordPress-speak).

I built DMOPress to make it easy and robust to manage Places, allowing destination marketers to focus more of their resources on building a great website visitor experience. And to make it easier to change site design without costly data migrations.

Best of all, it’s free and open source.

Are you in the destination marketing business? I’d love your help to make DMOPress even better! Reach me on Twitter at @dmopress.

Best Regards,