DMOPress 2.3.0 Release

This release adds several significant new features and improvements:

  • Redesigned map marker callout windows contain a richer display of information, including a bolder heading and a Featured Image, if one is present.
  • You can now request driving directions to any Place (walking directions coming soon) from the new marker callout windows. Requires Google Maps Directions API to be enabled in your Google Developers Console. Subject to Google Maps Directions API rate limits. This feature is off by default but can be activated with the new [dmo-map] shortcode parameter show-directions.
  • Improved geolocation services: map now dims while location or directions are being retrieved and displays a status message.
  • All map outputs (i.e. status messages, error messages) now have corresponding WPML translation string coverage.
  • Added 3 new [dmo-map] shortcode options: show-directions, show-google-link and show-post-thumbnail to support new map features.
  • Added WordPress REST API support to Places post type, Place Categories taxonomy and Place Features taxonomy.

Download the latest release from the WordPress Plugin Directory.