Returns an HTML formatted link generated from the Instagram URL field of the specified Place.


dmo_get_instagram_link($post_id, $label, $class, $target)



Default Value: When used within the loop, this value defaults to the current Post ID. When used outside the loop, this value must be supplied.

Acceptable Values: A single integer representing a WordPress Post ID that corresponds to a Place.


Default Value: Instagram

Acceptable Values: Can be any HTML that you want to include between the anchor tags.


Default Value: An empty string.

Acceptable Values: A string representing one or more space-separated CSS classnames.

Appends the specified string to the contents of the HTML class attribute of the anchor element. To specify multiple CSS classnames, separate them with spaces just as you would with the HTML class attribute.


Default Value: _blank

Acceptable Values: _self, _blank, _parent or _top.

Sets the HTML target attribute of the anchor element. This attribute determines the behavior of the link when clicked. _self opens the link in the same window and _blank opens the link in a new browser tab. _parent and _top are used for frames-based websites.