Adding Beautiful Maps to your Places

The DMOPress WordPress Plugin features built-in support for Google Maps. You can choose from any one of 6 different map theme designs, or create your own with the DMOPress Maps Premium plugin.

Important: A Google Maps API key is required to use this feature. If you’ve already acquired that key and added it to Settings > DMOPress > Google Maps API Key, great! If not, complete the 10 Minute Quick Start and come back here afterwards.

Getting Started

By default, if a Google Maps API key is detected, DMOPress automatically displays a map for each Place below the standard content area on all Places single posts.

Changing the Default Map Theme

The theme design of the map will depend on the choice you’ve made in DMOPress Settings area.

To change your default map theme, go to Settings > DMOPress and look for the Google Maps Default Style field. Update your selection as required, then click the Save Changes button.

Displaying a Map on Another Page

If you want to embed a map on a regular page, you can use the dmo-map shortcode, like this:

[dmo-map categories="french,italian"]

The above shortcode will display a map with individual markers for all Places that have the french and italian Place Categories.

There are many different ways to customize the map to display and behave the way you like. See the [dmo-map] shortcode documentation for all available options.