Displays the current weather conditions at your destination as an inline element. Shows a weather icon indicating general conditions, followed by the current temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit (or both).


Inline Weather Sample
Here’s an example of [dmo-inline-weather] as a Widget in the navigation bar (top right), as well as a large free-form element on a Revolution Slider panel (bottom left).


[dmo-inline-weather unit="CF" class="myClass1 myClass2"]

This shortcode does not require a closing tag, but one may be used if desired. Content between the opening and closing function tags is ignored.



Default Value: CF, or whatever value has been set in Settings > DMOPress > OpenWeatherMap Default Unit Display

Acceptable Values: C, F, CF or FC

Sets the temperature unit to display. C displays Celsius only. F displays Fahrenheit Only. CF displays Celsius first, then a slash, then Fahrehneit. To show both in the opposite order, use FC.


Default Value: An empty string.

Acceptable Values: A string representing one or more space-separated CSS classnames.

Appends the specified string to the contents of the HTML class attribute of the map container element. To specify multiple CSS classnames, separate them with spaces just as you would with the HTML class attribute.